Surgical Society

A brief history

The Surgical Society of Notre Dame Sydney is the University’s newest medical society.


It was established by a group of students with a strong surgical interest who thought it would be a sound idea to establish a society to promote surgery as a career to medical students.

The founding members of the Society are Avalon Monnen, Amshu Rao, Joe Jabbour, Sejad Ahmadzada, Richard Pow and Omar Mograby.

For more details please get in contact with Chair Khalil Bazzi, Vice-Chair Adam Hutchinson and Med1000 Rep – Daniel Madani


Q: What does the Surgical Society do?

A: The Surgical Society runs events and professional development workshops, mostly here at Notre Dame, designed to foster interest in surgery as a career path and to provide support to those students who already have a vision to do surgery in achieving their desired outcome.

Such events include suturing workshops under guidance from established surgeons, talks from world-class surgeons such as Dr Charlie Teo and Dr. Emily Granger, and Q and A sessions with RACS representatives who share their wisdom on how to take that next step towards a surgical career.


Q: It only seems like a small group. Why is this so?

A: At this early stage in the Society’s existence, we are focusing on using a core group of students to build momentum and raise the profile of the Society.We felt it was important to maintain continuity in this regard, so we have maintained a similar leadership group for several years.

However, we have a vision to expand the membership base, and move towards a more democratic election process of the Society’s leaders beyond 2015 once the Society has become more established.


Q: What are the plans for 2016?

A: Our goals for the Society this year are very much aligned to establishing its foundation and development with the support of MANDUS. We encourage any individual with a passion for surgery to check out our events, and if you’re interested in building the Society itself, we would love to have you apply for a leadership role.



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2015 events include:

20th April 2015: Pushing Boundaries
Featuring A/Prof Munjed Al-Muderis, A/Prof Kerin Fielding and Dr Sorrell Standish White

29th July 2015: Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Networking Evening
The first group of students will visit the Da Vinci Robotic Surgery lab and get hands on experience using the 3D simulation as well as real machine in a model theatre. Leading surgeons in the area will present.

30th July 2015: Student’s Surgical Skills Competition (SCCC)
The NSW SCCC is a NSW inter medical school competition

1st August 2015: RACS Speciality Training Morning Tea
Students will get the opportunity to talk to surgeons in various surgical fields to find out more about training programs and what it takes to be a surgeon

3rd September 2015: Anatomy Trivia Night
Form a team and join us to compete in this annual event for the title of being the best at Anatomy!