LadsThe MANDUS Social sector aims to work closely with each of the other societies to ensure all students are afforded the opportunity to enjoy some quality downtime outside the classroom. In doing so, a focus is placed on wellbeing by providing a fun, safe, and enjoyable platform which promotes integration within and across the year groups. This is achieved through providing numerous events and regular gatherings to allow students to network amongst themselves, and create some of those special everlasting memories from their time at medical school.

People having fun. Just look at them. Fun.

There are plenty of bars in the area who we’ll be teaming up with for Scrub Crawls, offering an ideal setting to enjoy a few drinks to cap off a long week of diligent study and also allow for a change of scenery throughout. The social calendar for 2014 offers many exciting events for students to let their hair unwind. Additionally, as a means of meeting the MANDUS responsibility of representing the student body and promoting opportunities to get involved, the Social Society will be looking at putting together subcommittees to facilitate the organisation and running of specific events throughout the year – so keep posted!

  • Start of Semester Commencement Party (Semester 1)
  • Med Camp
  • Med Fest and Scrub Crawl
  • Family Picnics (working in conjunction with the Wellbeing Society)
  • Red Party (teaming up with Global HANDS and MED2000 students for the end of Semester 1 party to promote the ‘Red Aware’ campaign)
  • AMSA Convention (mid-yearbreak)
  • Medball

Get involved and enjoy yourselves because there’s plenty of fun to be had!

For any enquiries, contact Graeme Wertheimer (MED2000 Social Rep) at

Med1000 rep: Liam Maison