RED Party

579248_10152852490290246_1132075868_nRed Party is a charity organisation led by students which raises funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS. AIDS has claimed the lives of 34 million people worldwide and each day there are new HIV infections. The Red Party campaign is our method, as university students, of engaging in the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS in the developing world and contributing to the fight against this terrible disease.

The Red Party campaign consists of a series of awareness and fundraising events every year with two main goals: to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the wider community and to generate funds which are all donated to communities in Papau New Guinea through our associates, the AIDS Trust of Australia and the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

The concept of the Red Party is simple: a great party with a red theme, the internationally recognised colour of AIDS. We aim to create a fantastic event with a positive vibe and diverse entertainment acts to set ourselves apart from other university parties. Red Parties across Australia bring together thousands of university students to raise money for HIV/ AIDS and promote awareness of the disease.

This year’s Red Party was held on the 24th of June with the theme “Queen of Hearts”.