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A post Easter update

Ok, so we’ve been a teeny bit lax with the content updates on this, our shiny new website. Sorry and all that, but it’s only because we’ve been super duper busy with all sorts of wonderful events over the first couple of months of the year! Some highlights include: MedCamp 2013: Wow. Our new MED1000s […]

Global HANDS wants you!

Global HANDS is looking for 3 students to join it’s team for 2013. If you in MED2000, 3000 or 4000 and are interested in any of the following positions please email Amy at If there is interest from multiple people in our year group, I will send out an application form for the position! […]


Start of session!

It’s been an awesome start to the year here at MANDUS! We’ve welcomed a lovely new cohort of MED1000’s into the Notre Dame fold and had a ball of an orientation week. We’ve got some great photos up of the Start of Session Party right here. But of course the best is yet to come with […]