MANDUS events



Medcamp is the first official event of the year. The camp is going to commence on Friday 19th and conclude on the 21st. It’s the best way to meet your fellow cohort and start building friendships that will last throughout the entirety of the degree and beyond. Whilst socializing and bonding is the mainstay for the camp, you will also get a head start on a few medical necessities such as suturing and first aid skills. Whilst a very enjoyable weekend, remember what happens at medcamp, stays at medcamp. Guaranteed to be a weekend you probably wont remember but you certainly will never forget.



Ever walked passed a mirror in your scrubs and thought “damn these look good”. We have, and that why we have organised a night to put them on show for everyone. Join the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years on this pub crawl, walking in your scrubs (MANDUS scrubs available early in the semester) to some of Sydneys finest establishments. As the shoe said to the hat, ‘You go on ahead, and I’ll follow on foot’.



Arguable the best night of the year. Everyone dresses up, lets their hair down and enjoys a night of class with fellow students and staff of the Medical School. Also a great night to bring partners along to meet the people you are going to spend a significant part of your life with over the coming years.



This event is organised in conjunction with other medical schools with the aim to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS. A good fun night for a very important cause.



Reckon you are pretty clued on? Know what you’re talking about? This is the night to prove yourself. Tonight you will team up with your fellow PBL members to compete in the annual trivia championship and ultimately the Medfest Cup. Not surprisingly taken out by PBL B in 2015, it is sure to be a red hot competition this year so get into the Encyclopedias and practice your capital cities so you don’t let your team down.