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Global HANDS is the Global Health and Social Justice Group of the University of Notre Dame School of Medicine, Sydney. Created by, and for, students of the School of Medicine, the organisation aims to serve the School’s 450+ postgraduate medical students, along with nursing students and faculty staff.


The mission of Global HANDS, rooted in the basic principle of health as a human right, is to engage students in issues in global health equity, both within and outside of our borders, through three primary avenues: education, partnership, and carefully informed, student-led advocacy.

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Global HANDS Structure

In 2017 Global HANDS will consist of:

  • Global Hands Chair – Adele Evans

  • AMSA Global Health Rep – Olivia Cook

  • MED1000 Representatives -Katie McKeon & Rachel Langford

  • Doctors for the Environment – Emma Halliwell

Global HANDS Events & Academic Programs in 2017

2017 Global HANDS Lecture Seriesglobal

The 2017Global HANDS Lecture Series promises to be our biggest yet, with renowned experts delivering inspiring, informative and challenging talks on some of today’s most pressing global health issues.

Join fellow Notre Dame medical and nursing students and faculty staff, along with attendees from other medical schools and global health groups in the Sydney and greater NSW area, through six powerful lecture evenings spread across the 2017academic calendar. Each will explore a significant topic in the areas of refugee and asylum seeker health and policy, child mortality and maternal health, HIV/AIDS, and he social determinants of health, including how architecture and built environments directly impact health outcomes.

Though the subjects may differ, the goal of each lecture is the same: to educate, inspire and, where possible, to mobilize students in informed and impactful advocacy.


Videos from Armando Hasudungan!atrm

We’re excited to announce that Armando Hasudungan will be creating educational videos ased around this year’s four Lecture Series topics. Keep an eye out for the release of these videos, each of which will cover key aspects surrounding the social determinants of health, refugee and asylum seeker health, child mortality and maternal health, and issues in HIV and AIDS.

The first video, which examines the social determinants of health, can be viewed here:

For more info on Armando Hasudugan and his awesome medicine and biology videos, visit his website:


Red Week

MANDUS and Global HANDS are active supporters of Red Party, a movement aimed at addressing key issues in HIV/AIDS through education and fundraising. This year, we are hosting Red Week, a series of three exciting and highly informative events occurring in the month of June:

  • Red Talk: A lecture evening featuring a renowned speaker in HIV/AIDS research and prevention
  • Red Fest: A day of fun and informative lunchtime activities
  • Red Party: The ever-popular Red Week social evening, which doubles as the end-of-first-semester party


All funds raised during Red Week will be donated to the AIDS Council of New South Wales.


In 2017, Global HANDS seeks to strengthen its ties to other organisations with the goal of increasing longterm educational and volunteer opportunities for our students.

More info to come!


UntitledGlobal HANDS is a staunch supporter of AFRAM, the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) campaign on Refugee and Asylum Seeker Mental Health. Throughout the year,we will provide a platform for students to get directly involved in AFRAM’s advocacy work. More info on AFRAM and its objectives can be found here:

Stay tuned!

Informational Campaigns

Throughout the year, we will host informational campaigns to keep students informed and abreast of current issues in global health. Follow our Facebook page to keep up, and let us know if there’s a particular issue that you think we should be talking about!

AMSA Global Academy

UntitlessdGlobal Academy is the online global health course of AMSA. Through six learning modules spread across 14 weeks, students will cover policy, global health delivery, the social determinants of health, health in the setting of conflict disaster and displacement as well as climate change.

Learn more about the Academy, and registration, here:

Social Justice Project Information Night

Heard about the Social Justice Project, but still not sure what it is? Looking for ideas on what you should do, or advice on pursuing a project abroad? Attend the SJP Information Night and hear from current Med2000 students about their experiences with the SJP, as well as from faculty about their work locally and around the world. Gain valuable tips, and also learn about ongoing opportunities that you can get involved in for your SJP. More info to come!

Birthing Kit Assembly Day 2017

UntitlsssedIn May, through the Birthing Kit Foundation, Australia, we will host Birthing Kit Assembly Day 2017 at the School of Medicine. Lend a hand, and a few hours of your time, in putting together birthing kits to be sent directly to people and places that need them. This promises to be an impactful (and fun!) event, so stay tuned and get on board!

2017 AMSA Global Health Conference in Perth

Last year’s AMSA Global Health Conference blew the socks off of every student in attendance! From world-class speakers and pioneers in the field of global health, to local champions of advocacy and disease prevention in Australia, the GHC has developed a reputation for combining fun, lively social events with candid, informative and incredibly compelling talks and workshops. This year, the GHC heads to Adelaide, and it’s our goal to get as many Notre Dame students there as possible!

Keep updated here:

AMSA Global Health (AGH)


photo (28)AGH is a national subcommittee of the Australian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA). AGH seeks to connect, inspire and empower students of health to affect change towards the realisation of global health equity through unified, responsible and sustainable action.

The AGH council consists of representatives from global health groups from each of the 20 medical schools around the country. AGH council exists to serve and support global health organisations around Australia by sharing project ideas, organising combined events as well as supplying resources and producing publications.

Current national AGH events and projects that Global HANDS is involved with include:

  • Refugee and Asylum seeker initiatives (Crossing Borders for Health)
  • Health and environment initiatives (Code Green)
  • Red Party and Red Week events for HIV/AIDS Research and Advocacy
  • AMSA Global Health Conference

It is the role of the AGH representative, in conjunction with Global HANDS, to promote and support Notre Dame student involvement with AMSA Global Health. As an organisation, we look forward to developing our relationship with AMSA Global Health in 2017.

For more information about AMSA Global Health see