Admissions tips


We’d love to tell you the secret to a perfect application, but in reality there is no such thing. Our students come from very diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, and no doubt their applications reflect this. The following are some very general and non-specific questions suggested by our students to guide your application to study at the School of Medicine, Sydney.

Stop for a moment a consider why you want to study medicine, and why at Notre Dame?
What have you sacrificed to prove that you’ve found out as much as humanly possible about the study commitments for medicine, and the working life of a doctor?

What would make you a good doctor? What have you done that demonstrates these characteristics?

You’ll know you’ve written a good application when you feel vindicated upon putting the final touches to your admission papers. It should scream to the reader, “this person has really thought about this, and made a serious attempt to get an understanding of professional medical life before deciding to apply to medical school.

CAMP9Lastly, read the instructions carefully. Many students with the requisite GAMSAT and GPA fail to gain an interview because they weren’t meticulous with their paperwork. With the largest applicant pool of any Australian medical school, our wonderful administrative staff don’t have the time to chase after you. After all, who wants an unscrupulous doctor that lacks attention to detail?

With all that said, good luck! It’s not impossible and we were all in your shoes not so very long ago.

NB:  The above is in no way endorsed by School of Medicine, Sydney.