MEDFEST is fast approaching, so get excited! The night kicks off at 5:00pm in the Courtyard starting with a BBQ ($2 gold coin donation), and ample time to get dressed into your costumes for TRIVIA! Make sure your costumes are as creative and wacky as possible to be in the running for the prize for best-dressed team! The TRIVIA will be held in the Refrectory, and will involve MED1000, MED2000, and PBL tutors battling it out for the MEDFEST Trophy!

At the conclusion of MEDFEST, the legendary SCRUBCRAWL will begin. Your trusty MANDUS crew have organised a wicked course around the local bars and awesome drink deals. Dance the night away in some ridiculously comfortable scrubs!

What do you need to do to prepare yourselves?
+ Organise your combined MED1/MED2 PBL group costume – some groups have created a Facebook message thread, others leave notes on the PBL whiteboards to communicate with each other… whatever works
+ Get your tutor involved! Last year there was great participation by tutors in MEDFEST (obviously not SCRUBCRAWL) so work your charm and enjoy their trivia genius for the night

For more information, check out our poster:

Much love,
Your MANDUS Team