2015 MANDUS Team

As the 2014 Academic year draws to a close, I would like to thank my 2014 MANDUS team, all the students of UNDS Medicine, and the School of Medicine Sydney for all their support in making this year a hugely successful year!

The end of semester will officially see us handover to the 2015 MANDUS team who will no doubt do an amazing job!
2015 MANDUS Executive:
President: Bella Williams
VP Pre-Clinical: Divya Pillutla
VP Clinical: Todd Miller
Treasurer: Lisa Markwell
Secretary: Helena Obermair
2015 MANDUS Portfolio Holders:
Academic: Stephen Hurley
AMSA Pre-clinical: Karthik Nathan
AMSA Clinical: Tom English
Social: Courtney Leigh Robertson
Well-being: Christopher Wilson
Sports: Lucinda Clay
Publications: Rory Marples & Kerinya Pillai
Global Hands: Byron Chionh
SAUNDA: Michael Williams
IT & PR: Emily Qian
Surgical Society Chair & Vice Chair: Michael Youseff & Peter Malek
MRS@UNDS Co-chairs: Raymond Prasad & Rola Rizk
MRS@UNDS Med2000 rep: Kate Taylor
Sponsorship: San-Rene Tan & Clara Leung
AMSA Global Health: Peter Bowstead
Melbourne MANDUS Co-chairs: Mark Aicken & Eugene D’Souza
All the best for the upcoming exams and a great holiday to follow!


Eugene D’Souza

President, MANDUS 2014