‘Meet the Mentors’ Solidarity! Conference 2014

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Solidarity is a student based association which aims to promote and protect the rights of students and young professionals in health care to exercise conscientious objection especially in regard to participation in termination of pregnancy. These fundamental rights in Victoria and Tasmania are now no longer supported by law.

Our big event of the year, the “Meet the Mentors” Conference will be a great opportunity for students of health care disciplines to meet professionals in their field who have experience in exercising their right to objection and learn from them how to practise the medicine of hope.Nursing, pharmacy and medical students will be particularly well catered for.




DR. EAMONN MATHIESON, Convenor, Doctors Conscience (Victoria)


DR. GABRIEL JAMES, Obstetrics Registrar

DR JOHN BRADSHAW, Anaesthetist

CHRISTINE HURWITZ, Nursing specialist

AIDEN SHI, Hospital Pharmacist

JOHN WILKS, Community Pharmacist

LAURA RIANTO, Community Pharmacist


See www.solidarityau.com/meet-the-mentors for more info
RSVP: info@ solidarityau.com or via the link above
When: April 5, 2014
Where: Warrane College, The University of New South Wales, Kensington
Dress: Smart Casual.
Admission free.