Global HANDS Lecture Series 2: “Half the Sky” Doco Screening & Stella Fella @ Notre Dame Launch

This year, Global HANDS is joining forces with PROJECT FUTURES, a Sydney based, non-profit organisation, run by a passionate network of young and inspiring professionals. PROJECT FUTURES raises awareness and funds for programs dedicated to combating human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Australia and South-East Asia. The money raised contributes to the funding of rescue, recovery, education and reintegration of victims, as well as advocacy for the cause. One of the organisations key recipients of these funds is right on our doorstep, a safe house for women in Surry Hills.  Each year, PROJECT FUTURES runs the “Stella Fella” campaign. You may remember Notre Dame being involved in this last year, when our guys were styled in Stella Fella Bow Ties at MEDBALL and around campus on Stella Fella Bow Tie Friday. 

In 2013, Notre Dame will be the first University to formally engage in a fundraising relationship with Project Futures through the Stella Fella campaign. For more info on the campaign visit 

On Thursday 6th June Global HANDS will be holding a Stella Fella @ Notre Dame Launch Evening where Founder of PROJECT FUTURES, Stephanie Lorenzo will give a brief introduction to the Stella Fella campaign. She will also be allowing us to screen “Half the Sky” a documentary based on the book written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn which explores the personal stories of oppressed women around the world who have suffered from injustices such as lack of education, sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation amongst other violations of their human rights. PROJECT FUTURES remains the sole organisation within Australia with screening rights for this amazing documentary – so we are very privaledged to be able to screen this for you all.

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